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The Best Product Managers to Follow on Social Media [2024]

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Carlos González De Villaumbrosia

April 03, 2024 - 17 min read

Updated: May 6, 2024 - 17 min read

To become the best, you have to surround yourself with the best. And one great place to go looking for them is social media—if you know where to look! Thankfully, we do, and we’ve put together a handy guide. 

If you’re an aspiring product manager and looking to stay up to date on the latest in product thought leadership, LinkedIn and X (Twitter) can connect you directly to the best in the biz.

We’ve handpicked the most inspiring, insightful, and aspirational product leaders who you need to be following on socials. Keep reading to learn about the top 20 to check out on LinkedIn and the top 20 to follow on X (a few super influencers appear on both lists!):

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The 20 Best Product Leaders to Follow on LinkedIn

1. Gyanda Sachdeva, VP of Product Management at LinkedIn

Gyanda first landed at LinkedIn in 2010 as a Senior Associate in Business Operations. Over the last decade, she has risen through the ranks to become Vice President of Product Management. She’s a talent powerhouse and uses her voice to share resources for women in product, advocating for diversity and inclusion in tech, and to celebrate the achievements of the underrepresented in the industry. 

A visionary leader, Gyanda is an absolute must-follow on LinkedIn, the very platform she’s been instrumental in taking to the top.

Follow Gyanda on LinkedIn

2. Gibson Biddle, former VP of Product at Netflix

Gibson is a firm fan favorite in the product community. Known for his inspiring and engaging talks on a whole host of product management topics, Gibson Biddle is also known for his work as the former VP of Product at Netflix, where he led some of the changes that made the service the dominating force in the streaming landscape that it is today.

On LinkedIn, he shares his upcoming talks and podcast appearances, as well as insights from his ‘Ask Gib’ newsletter.

Follow Gibson on LinkedIn

3. Scott Belsky, Chief Product Officer at Adobe

When it comes to product leadership, there’s not much that Scott Belsky can’t do. Author, entrepreneur, founder, investor…and on top of that he leads product management, strategy, engineering, and design for Adobe as CPO. Follow him on LinkedIn to get his thoughts on the ever-shifting creative industries, building great products, and the meaning of success.

Follow Scott on LinkedIn

4. Yardley Pohl, Chief Product and Technology Officer at

Yardley Pohl began her career as a New Products Engineer at Apple, an impressive first step for anyone, and she’s only gone from strength to strength. She then went on to Facebook, where she led the Small Business and Growth teams before moving onto her current role at the top of the heap at the AI analytics platform 

Yardley also co-founded Women in Product, and still sits on the board of directors, helping countless women find their way in the industry.

Follow Yardley on LinkedIn

5. Alexander Rechevskiy, former Senior Product Manager at Google and founder of Product Career Accelerator

If there’s a part of product development that Alexander Rechevskiy doesn’t know about, then it’s not worth knowing! With more than ten years in the industry and a hand in everything from design and development to promotion and monetization, Alexander is the whole package. 

On LinkedIn, he talks about leadership and growing a professional network.

Follow Alexander on LinkedIn

6. Felix Watson Jr., Product Leader at Microsoft

Felix is a software engineer turned Product Manager, who first began his product journey back in 2017 as an intern at Microsoft. Felix not only has experience across multiple domains such as telecom hardware and software, data analytics and AI, and cloud services, but he has also built a large PM community on LinkedIn. 

He uses his platform to provide a space for product people to help each other achieve their goals and build relationships. 

Follow Felix on LinkedIn

7. Tatyana Mamut, former SVP of Product at Pendo and founder of Wayfound

Considered a “Top Product Innovation Voice” by LinkedIn, Tatyana Mamut is the founder of a customer-focused AI company who talks about the future of AI in product. As a transformational technology executive and Senior Vice President of Product at Pendo, she delivered game-changing results by anticipating the future, obsessing over customers, and building amazing teams. 

Tatyana created successful new products at Nextdoor, Amazon, Salesforce, and IDEO, delivering both strategy and tactical team execution, and absolutely loves to think through strategy from both sides of the Boardroom table. She also juggles being a Board Member, advisor, and fellow for multiple entities such as UserTesting and her TMamut Advisors. 

Follow Tatyana on LinkedIn

8. Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia, CEO at Product School

Carlos is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and a force of nature building the future of Product Management day in and day out. He built on his vast experience in leading teams, building global companies, and digital products to found Product School (that’s us!). 

Carlos’ unending passion for fuelling long-term success in the Product world has cultivated a global-leading Product Management school and community dedicated to pushing the next generation of global Product Managers forward. He is the author of The Product Book, an Amazon bestseller, a member of the Forbes Council, and he continues to be an active speaker at technology industry events.

Follow Carlos on LinkedIn 

9. Diego Granados, Product Manager at Google

An engineer at heart and a musician down to his soul, Diego is a multi-hat-wearing Product Manager currently at Google. He works cross-functionally with business, and technical roles, as well as designers and UX researchers to bring to life products that make users’ problems and pain points vanish. A master of many languages, Diego speaks geek, marketer, designer, salesperson, client, data whisperer.

Follow Diego on LinkedIn 

10. Adrienne Tan, Co-Founder & CEO @ Brainmates

Adrienne Tan has been leading Brainmates, a leader in product management professional services in Australia and New Zealand, for the past 20 years. She is also the co-founder of Product Women, an organization that supports women in product through mentorship. She co-founded the event series Leading the Product, and is a certified facilitator of the collaborative method LEGO® Serious Play®. 

Follow Adrienne on LinkedIn

11. Rohan Rajiv, Director of Product Management at LinkedIn

Rohan is a leader at LinkedIn who is passionate about building products that help members find jobs. Rohan values learning and working on problems that positively contribute to his community, and for that reason, he runs an online blog fostering a learning-focused mindset that values becoming over being, and where he documents his journey as a student of the world and builds meaningful relationships along the way. Well worth following!

Follow Rohan on LinkedIn 

12. Jon Bell, former Product Lead at Netflix

Jon Bell describes himself as no more and no less than a champion of elegant solutions that advance the human race. Formerly a product leader at Netflix, he has also served as a mentor at Built By Girls, an angel investor, and the co-founder of the exclusive meal-delivery service Entrée.

Follow Jon on LinkedIn

13. Soumeya Benghanem, former Product Executive at VMware

As a passionate leader and a change agent, Soumeya started her career in Product at Remedy Health Media with a background in consulting and project management. A change agent who is extremely detail-oriented, experienced, personable, and intelligent, Soumeya has served as a Product Manager at VMware, managing product teams, strategy, mindset, and execution. Her ability to work across functional teams and stakeholders makes her an excellent strategist, and she shares her vision with a wide audience on LinkedIn.

Follow Soumeya on LinkedIn 

14. Tim Salau, Senior Director of Product at Guide

Tim, AKA Mr. Future of Work, dedicates his time to strengthening the bonds people share through compassionate action. Not only is he a Senior Director of Product at Guide, a SaaS Learning & Talent development platform, he is also an author, venture investor, builder capitalist, accomplished international keynote speaker, tech leader, and and global authority leading and shaping the discussion on the Future of Work, leadership, and innovation. 

He continues to transform the world by making it a more inclusive place for the next generation, people of color, women, LGBTQIA+, and underserved communities.

Follow Tim on LinkedIn 

15. Connie Yuan, Senior Growth Product Manager at Uscreen

Previously named a LinkedIn Top 100 Voice, Connie Yuan is yet another Product Manager helping make the world a better place. She is currently shaping product roadmaps to empower people to deliver a best-in-class digital experience to their customers. Currently at UScreen and formerly at Heap, she started her career in product in 2017 and continues to shape the landscape of product with product managers in mind. 

Follow Connie on LinkedIn

16. Hiten Shah, Co-founder of FYI, Crazy Egg, and Nira

As the co-founder of no fewer than three software companies, the advice Hiten shares is invaluable to all product professionals from aspiring PMs to seasoned leaders. All product managers know the pain of trying to find the document you’re looking for. That’s where FYI comes in handy. Nira keeps your documents safe, while Crazy Egg is a heat mapping tool that designers, marketers, product people and business owners use to improve the effectiveness of their websites.

Anyone who works in product-led companies has a lot to learn from Hiten’s wisdom…and his dash of good humor doesn’t hurt either!

Follow Hiten on LinkedIn

17. John Cutler, Senior Director of Product Enablement at Toast

It’s safe to say that John is a product development nut! John started his career in product back in 2006 working as a PM and UX researcher across diverse sectors, ending up as a Product Evangelist & Coach at Amplitude before moving to his current role. 

Along the way, he has managed to support medium to small startups as a PM consultant focusing on Lean Startup, experiment design, user research, achieving product/market fit, market validation, and more. With over a decade’s worth of knowledge and experience in the product field, John is a jack of all trades and continues to help people make better products.

Follow John on LinkedIn

18. Teresa Torres, Product Discovery Coach at Product Talk

Teresa is a Product Discovery Coach at Product Talk. She is passionate about helping digital product teams adopt continuous product discovery practices. She emphasizes strong critical thinking practices to ensure there is a strong connection between research and product.

Her clients include Allstate CapitalOne, Spotify, and The Guardian among others. Teresa started her career in interactive design and working her way to leading, advising, and teaching at Northwestern University. Following her on LinkedIn is the gift that keeps on giving!

Follow Teresa on LinkedIn

19. Sachin Rekhi, CEO at Notejoy

As well as being the CEO at Notejoy, Sachin has dedicated a chunk of his time to speaking and blogging to share lessons learned from over a decade in Silicon Valley as a Product Manager and startup founder. 

Sachin started his product journey at Microsoft in 2007 and has since then nurtured his entrepreneurial energy into founding Notejoy, advising and consulting various startups, and writing and speaking on various aspects of his life and career. 

Follow Sachin on LinkedIn

20. Tom Emrich, Director for Product Management, Niantic, Inc.

If you’re a fan of augmented and virtual reality and you don’t know Tom Emrich, you’re missing out big time. A pioneer in this space, Tom started working in augmented reality in 2009 and has over a decade-long track record of running tech teams for powerhouse brands and organizations. 

Sometimes known as Man of the Future, Tom is recognized as one of the world’s leading thought leaders in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) & wearable technology. A former VP of Product at 8th Wall, and current director at Niantic, Tom is leading product strategy, development, and go-to-market of developer tools to create for WebAR and WebVR.

Follow Tom on LinkedIn

The 20 Product Management Leaders to Follow on X (Twitter)

There’s no doubt that there are dozens of truly great leaders in the Product Management industry with powerful insights, industry knowledge, and killer strategies. Luckily, we can keep up with them on social media. Whether you’re an aspiring PM or a well-established leader in the product space, following innovative product people on social media is the best way to stay on top of the trends. 

1. Jason Fried

Jason is the CEO and founder of Basecamp. He’s risen to the top as one of the “go-to” resources where Product is concerned. He’s also made a Ted Talk, co-written a book with David Heinemeier Hansson called Rework, and is continually responding to his followers’ questions on his Twitter. 

Follow Jason on X

2. Hiten Shah

As mentioned above, Hiten is the Co-Founder of Nira, FYI, and Co-Owner of Crazy Egg. Before that, he co-founded and was CEO of KISSmetrics and was a Board Member at iSocket. He also has a weekly newsletter called Product Habits, where he focuses on teaching people how to create high-growth products that people love. We even interviewed him on our recent CEOs Product Podcast!

Follow Hiten on X

3. Ryan Hoover

Ryan launched Product Hunt in 2013, and since its launch, it has become one of the go-to sites for product discovery. He was a speaker on TechCrunch Disrupt and has been featured in many articles throughout the tech media world. Btw, he’s also been recognized as a top voice on LinkedIn

Follow Ryan on X

4. Josh Elman

Josh Elman has quite a history with product. Currently Director of Product at Apple, he previously worked as a Senior Product Manager for LinkedIn, and Head of Product at Zazzle, Product Manager at Twitter, and VP of Product at Robinhood.

On his Twitter, he shares commentary on the product world’s state and ponderings on its future.

Follow Josh on X

5. Oji Udezue

Oji is the CPO at Typeform and was formerly a VP of Product at Calendly. He is interested in the best strategies for leading product, design, and customer content. He’s also an Angel Investor and founding partner of the Kernel Fund and worked as a PM at Microsoft for over six years.

Follow Oji on Twitter

6. Scott Belsky

Another one killing it on multiple platforms, Scott is an executive, entrepreneur, author, and investor who defines himself as an “all-around product obsessive.” He currently works as Adobe’s Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President of Creative Cloud. Most notably, Scott is the founder of Behance. His Twitter is full of insights into the creative industry and his thoughts on the product world.

Follow Scott on X

7. Suhail Doshi

Suhail co-founded Mixpanel when he was 20, and seven years later, he was running a company worth close to $1 billion. Nowadays, as he stepped back from leading Mixpanel, he launched MightyApp (which speeds up Google Chrome by streaming it from a more powerful computer in the cloud) and founded Playground. He enjoys sharing advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and product people.

Follow Suhail on X

8. April Underwood

April is known mostly for working as the Chief Product Officer at Slack and co-founding the investment group #Angels. But before all that, she held positions at top tech companies like Twitter, Google, and Intel. Here's an example of a Tweet from April:

I’ve got a theory that it’s a whole lot easier to know why you’ve failed rather than why you’ve succeeded. Does that ring true? If so, would suggest that we are all bad narrators for our own wins.

Follow April on X

9. John Cutler

John is the Senior Director of Product Enablement at Toast. Before that, he was the Head of Product Research & Education at Amplitude. He defines himself as a “multiple hat-wearer” who loves wrangling complex problems with qual/quant data. Follow him on Twitter to get first-hand access to his vision of the product world.

Follow John on X

10. Lenny Rachitsky

Lenny is a former Airbnb Growth Product Manager who works on writing, advising, and investing in new projects. His Twitter is full of exciting insights, funny remarks, and real-world advice on working in Product. He also has one of the top PM newsletters that tackles reader questions about product, growth, people management, and anything else related to work in the industry.

Follow Lenny on X

11. Shreyas Doshi

Shreyas is a former Product Manager at Stripe, where he lead the terminal and mobile products. On his Twitter, he is known for tackling the more “human side” of working in Product by discussing everyday life-work balance struggles and its psychological roots. He defines his content as “useful for some, useless for many.”

Follow Shreyas on X

12. Nick Mehta

Nick is the CEO of Gainsight, a Customer Success platform provider that empowers hundreds of customer-focused businesses to deliver outcomes. Nick is also a big sports enthusiast, which has led him to view his job as being like a “head coach.” His goal is to help bring the right people together and put them in the best position to win. His Twitter is full of Product advice and a few sports analogies.

Follow Nick on X

13. Diana Berlin

Diana is a product leader and coach based in San Francisco and former VP of Product at Quip. Her passions include writing letters, product management, reading, and podcasts. Right now, she is the co-host of Should We, a podcast that revolves around creative conversations about the everyday choices that make us who we are.

Follow Diana on X

14. Jackie Bavaro

Jackie is the co-writer of Cracking the PM Interview and the sequel Cracking the PM Career. She has extensive product management experience and was the Head of Product at Asana, where she stayed on as an advisor after an eight-year tenure. You should follow her on Twitter for PM best practices and trends.

Follow Jackie on X

15. Nick Caldwell

Nick is currently CPO of Peloton, and previously VP of Engineering at Twitter, where he was responsible for all consumer-facing products. Before that, he worked as Chief Product and Engineering Officer at Looker (acquired by Google) and VP of Engineering at Reddit. He also spent 13 years at Microsoft. So, he’s been around!

​The best thing about his Twitter is that he’s up to date with all things Product and never loses sight of his funny side while at it.

Follow Nick on X

16. Eric Boduch

Eric is mostly known for being the co-founder of Pendo, a product cloud that provides user insight, user guidance, and user communication for digital product teams. But he has also had extensive experience as a marketer, investor, and advisor. Eric also hosts a podcast called Product Love Podcast by Product Craft.

17. Ben Galbraith

Ben is a Senior Director of Product at Google. Before that, he was a VP of Product at Segment and VP of Product at Walmart. Other than having an impressive background, Ben is also a funny dad. Follow him on Twitter to see how he manages his work-life balance.

Follow Ben on X

18. Maggie Crowley

Maggie is an experienced Product Manager who has worked at Trip Advisor, BevSpot, Drift, and is currently the VP of Product at Toast. When it comes to her Twitter, Maggie enjoys keeping things as organic as possible and gives her her most sincere opinions and advice about working in Product.

Follow Maggie on X

19. Anna Marie Clifton

Anna Marie loves all things revolving around Product. She’s currently Head of Zapier Central. She’s worked at Coinbase developing the strategy and vision for its revenue-generating products and was a Product Lead at Asana. Here's a Tweet from Anna Marie

Ever think about “shipping blinders”? The thing that happens when you’ve got a big launch on the near horizon and so much of your being is focused on getting successfully over the line that you only partially absorb tangential information that crosses your path?

Follow Anna Marie on X

20. Tatyana Mamut

If you’re obsessed with being customer-obsessed, you should call Tatyana. She’s a Product Manager who drives innovation by understanding customers deeply and leading through empathy. She has worked on building successful products at Amazon, Salesforce, Nextdoor, and Pendo, and is founder of Wayfound. 

Follow Tatyana on X

Updated: May 6, 2024

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