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Access cutting-edge Product industry trends and networking opportunities at ProductCon New York, organized by Product School. Hear fresh perspectives on Product from the heart of New York City, the fastest-growing tech hub in the United States. 

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Meet ProductConNY 2024 Speakers

We brought together the best collection of product leaders from top technology companies to share tactics and best practices on how to build the next generation of software products.

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AI for Every Business: Unlocking Your Product's Universal Potential

Explore how AI can transform product management with insights from Jaime on the power of AI in solving real user problems, driving innovation, and ensuring trust and security in applications.

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Mission to Decommission: Importance of Decommissioning Products to Increase Enterprise-Wide Efficiency

Learn the critical importance of decommissioning legacy systems to boost enterprise efficiency from Purvi. Gain insights into maintaining data quality, reducing operational risks, and effective stakeholder engagement.

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From Daily Decisions to Bottom Line: Connecting Product Work to Revenue

Understand how to align daily product decisions with revenue growth, retention, and margins with Ibrahim. Explore best practices and anti-patterns for revenue attribution and connecting product metrics to business KPIs.

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From Siloed Products to Connected Ecosystem: Building a Sustainable and Scalable Platform

Discover how to transform siloed products into a connected ecosystem with Sneha. Learn strategies for unifying user experiences, building network effects, and ensuring sustainable growth through strategic platform investments.

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Designing Great Products: The Power of Design and Leadership

Dive into the elements that make good design great with Robert. Explore how technology, from 2D CAD to AI, has changed the industry and how designers can harness its power to create transformative products.

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ProductCon Frequently Asked Questions

ProductCon is a conference by Product School where attendees can delve into the future of Product Management. It will feature a mix of keynotes and panel discussions, all with the aim of providing actionable insights into how to build products users love.

Attendees of ProductCon are Senior Product Leaders; Sr. Product Managers, Directors of Product, Heads of Product Management, VPs of Product, and Chief Product Officers.

Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500, an individual contributor, or leading a team, what you learn during ProductCon will transform the way you go about building products. You’ll come away with concrete ideas you can apply in your company right away, along with fresh contacts that may become customers or partners in the future.

It includes access to the conference and refreshments. You’ll also get access to our official afterparty, some way cool swag, and all the recordings and slides.

Yes, we offer a 20% discount for groups of 5 to 9 people. For groups of 10 or more, email [email protected] for a higher discount.

Yes, we provide a limited amount of super early and early bird tickets. We also provide free tickets to watch the conference live online and receive all the recordings and slides afterward.

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