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Strengthen your company’s Product talent through ProductCon Online. With thousands of online attendees, talks from industry experts, and access to cutting-edge Product Management industry trends, this is the best event to build and connect Product Leaders globally.

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The conference took place on July 20, 2023.

Turbocharge Your PM Career: Unleashing 5 Game-Changing Tactics

Nikhyl-Singhal, VP of Product at Meta and the founder of The Skip, shares invaluable insights on managing your career like a well-crafted product.

Discover the power of long-term thinking, the art of career additive transitions, and the importance of taking ownership of your professional growth. With an emphasis on networking, mentorship, and building superpowers, this talk will equip you with practical strategies to propel your career forward while keeping a smile on your face.

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Polymathic Product Managers

This talk from Head of Product at Amazon covers what it means to be a polymath –from a historic and modern day sense – as well as why it is beneficial for Product Managers to become polymathic.

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A Dynamic Duo: Hacking the Product-Product Marketing Relationship to Drive Growth

In the last decade, Product Marketing has become a ubiquitous function in tech companies. Yet, there remains a lot of ambiguity and variance in defining this role and how Product Managers and Product Marketers can best collaborate.

This talk explores how to build trust, align on shared goals, and create rituals that unlock the strengths of both functions and build better products.

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Empowering Product Management: Advice to My Younger Self as a Women Leader

In this talk, Sneha Narahalli shares advice with her younger self as a woman leader in Product. Drawing from personal experiences, she offers practical guidance on navigating challenges and seizing opportunities in the dynamic field.

The talk addresses the unique experiences of women leaders and provides insights on overcoming biases, fostering inclusivity, and establishing credibility. Get advice on stakeholder management, team building, decision-making, and driving successful outcomes. See what it takes to grow in product management, learn about diversity and inclusion, and get strategies to become future-ready and excel as a leader.

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Panel on Leveraging Data Analytics for Effective Product Management

A panel chock-full of insights on how Product Managers can leverage data. Speakers cover:

  • Common challenges Product Managers face when using data analytics to inform their decision-making processes

  • How Product Teams can define success metrics

  • Best practices in AB testing

  • The importance of consulting qualitative data

  • Applications of AI in Product Analytics

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ProductCon Frequently Asked Questions

ProductCon is a conference by Product School where attendees can delve into the future of Product Management. It will feature a mix of keynotes and panel discussions, all with the aim of providing actionable insights into how to build products users love.

Attendees of ProductCon are Senior Product Leaders; Sr. Product Managers, Directors of Product, Heads of Product Management, VPs of Product, and Chief Product Officers.

Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500, an individual contributor, or leading a team, what you learn during ProductCon will transform the way you go about building products. You’ll come away with concrete ideas you can apply in your company right away, along with fresh contacts that may become customers or partners in the future.

It includes access to the conference and refreshments. You’ll also get access to our official afterparty, some way cool swag, and all the recordings and slides.

Yes, we offer a 20% discount for groups of 5 to 9 people. For groups of 10 or more, email [email protected] for a higher discount.

Yes, we provide a limited amount of super early and early bird tickets. We also provide free tickets to watch the conference live online and receive all the recordings and slides afterward.

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